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Funky Bamboo Socks

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Funky Bamboo Socks
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Funky Bamboo Socks - Bamboo Socks
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Eco Pants and Socks / Funky Bamboo Socks

The humble sock. Often ignored, the sock is a design classic at the foundation of comfort. Whatever you're wearing, if your toes are comfy, you're comfy.

That's why we’ve put our eco-textile boffins on the case to whip up their softest, most breathable bamboo and organic cotton combo. Add some funky thick stripes, and your toes are in heaven.

These Organic cotton and Bamboo socks were made in clean, safe and ethical conditions where everyone involved is paid a living wage.

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25% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex, 70% Bamboo Socks / One size fits most / Hand finished in the UK / Cool Wash, Hang Dry.


Informed Choice

Social and Environmental Certification:

Certified Organic Cotton oekotex 100 standardecolabel rating c

Natural Organic Textiles
Ethical Manufacturing
Hand Finished in the U.K.

How's it made?

Pioneering Lifecycle Footprinting Research (PAS2050)

About our Funky Bamboo Socks

Rapanui hemp products start life in China, North of Beijing. Hemp is a low-input, high-yield crop that is resistant to pests - which makes it a very benign and sustainable crop to grow. Coarse hemp stalks are baled from the field and trucked to the mill, where the hemp is softened and milled into a wool or yarn and spooled up ready to be made into a fabric.

The spools are sent to the factory in Suzhou, just outside of Shanghai in China where fabric is cut and sewn into garments. The factory is safe, clean and well-lit, with a track record for health and safety and internationally-recognised environmental and ethical standards in place. It even has an organic vegetable patch outside that supplies the work canteen. Finished products are transported by ship from Shanghai to Felixstowe, then are delivered to, the warehouse of our friends and bamboo sock specialists Braintree Hemp, who distribute our socks on their last leg to Rapanui HQ on the Isle of Wight.

Award-Winning Traceability

It is impossible to make an ethical choice if you don’t know where clothing comes from and how it is made. Very few people do these days, even high-street stores themselves. At Rapanui you can investigate the whole supply chain and find out the details about where this item was made, who made it, and how it got here, from Seed to shop. It is called traceability.

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