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Ethical Fashion

Rapanui is an Eco-Fashion company from the Isle of Wight, that makes Organic, Ethical clothing using Renewable Energy with award-winning traceability. Rapanui is about making eco-fashion cool.

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Award-Winning Ethical fashion: Rapanui means Organic, Natural Fabrics, Ethically made with a low carbon footprint.

Ethical fashion at Rapanui starts at the design stage. We design and make ethical clothing in line with the latest trends, but from more sustainable materials.

We use ethical factories that are powered by wind and solar energy - and by using cutting edge eco-textiles, we create products that have a unique natural softness and feel when worn. The result is clothing that looks great and feels great too: that's what ethical fashion is all about.

Ethical Fashion

Eco Labelling


Just as your crisps tell you they have high fat or salt content, we think the high street should clearly, honestly tell you how clothing is made.

Eco Labelling - Read more



From planting the seed, to processing the fabric, manufacture and transport: This is Award-Winning Traceability - from seed to shop.

Traceability - Read more

Eco Textiles


As well as being better for the environment and the people who make them, the eco-textiles we use are softer, more breathable and kind to skin.

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Ethical Fashion


You can also shop knowing that the clothes were made without harmful chemicals, or in a way that harms the people in the fields or factories where they were made.

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At the recent RSPCA Good Business Awards, Rapanui was highly commended by the judging panel for “outstanding contribution to sustainable business and animal welfare”

RSPCA Award - Read more.....

About Rapanui


One to watch: Rapanui is an Award-Winning Eco-fashion brand from on the Isle of Wight, described by the Guardian as "Bang on Trend".

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Marine Conservation


In our latest Limited-Edition series, Rapanui are working with the Marine Conservation society on a collection of Marine-life inspired, phthalate-free prints.

Marine Conservation - Read more

Rapanui Means...

Organic, ethical fabrics.

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