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Rapanui is an Eco-Fashion company from the Isle of Wight, that makes Organic, Ethical clothing using Renewable Energy with award-winning traceability. Rapanui is about making eco-fashion cool.


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It's all going very well!

Category: Information

Busy times here at Rapanui.  Our new factory is ready, and everyone is working hard towards our new Factory Collection launch in May.  We can't wait to get it out to you...  But worry not !  All the men's and women's designs which have driven our brand to where we are will be available !

Don't forget that for every t-shirt you buy, you can send it back for FREE at the end of it's life and we'll give you up to £5 pounds for it !

Source: mlkshk / Artist: David Shrigley

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60 yr. old skateboarder

Category: Ambassadors

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How will you spend yours?

Category: Ambassadors

A large contingent of the Rapanui team have lived the student dream. That means that we know the highs and lows of student life.

And no doubt, loan day is a fiesta. New skateboards, fresh clothes, maybe a wash and of course, pub. Seeing student loans in the news today got us nostalgic.

So we decided to do a little something to mark the occasion. We were thinking up the most creative, wild and questionable ways to spend a student loan and now are asking you - how will you spend yours? The person with the answer that the Rapanui #wolfpack judge to be most creative we'll reward with a brand new Rapanui bamboo t-shirt in a size, style and colour of your choice.

How, you ask?

Students, alumni or raw students to be - Follow us on twitter @rapanuiclothing and let us know how you'd spend yours. The most creative answer #wins a free tee of your choice!




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Grand Designs

Category: Inside Rapanui

Springtime seems to be when Rapanui goes quiet for a few weeks, followed by some sort of trick up sleeve, party magician moment. And 2014 is no different.

As some of the hardcore in the Rapanui wolfpack may know, this humble clothing company started in a shed with a basic idea - it's not that people don't care about sustainability, they just don't know. So could a brand make a difference to that issue? "Rapanui takes what people need and packages it as what they want", as someone really clever once said. Couldn't have put it better ourselves. Fast forward to our first shop, or second, and a little further, and you'll find us here. Hello. Just breaking ground on our grand designs moment, the Rapanui Factory.

Yep, we're building our first UK factory. See, most of our stuff starts life in India and gets shipped over. But as we've grown, we've found we want to do more stuff like experiment with waste recovery, and recycling. And started thinking about how we could reduce waste, or develop new products, or print different ways, react faster and give better customer service. All of which is quite difficult, as when you work with suppliers, they've got their own ideas about how to run their businesses... (fair enough) but for us, we want to change business as usual. We can't do that by being a usual business.

What would happen if we make a t-shirt that could MICROWAVE itself back into a polymer to be recycled into a new t-shirt, you ask?

We asked that kind of thing too, and many more questions. Now we have the space and facilities to answer those kind of questions. Best of all there's loads of unexpected positive things that've come from it. It's meant that we can do employment better. Some of you know that we try and improve the quality of life of unemployed young people on the Island through our Social Enterprise project. Well, 'reshoring' a lot of our manufacturing stuff helps us do that, the way we want, and creates jobs.

A year ago we blogged a little statement, sort of a vision for where we were going: Towards a circular economy, with better products, better service, better prints, more radical developments. It took a year to get it all together, and now all the chips are in: The factory is the next stage on what we hope will be a game changing journey.

It might not all go smoothly. Some projects will not work out. Yet we may also stumble upon the invention that is the sliced-bread moment of the sustainability world.

Either way, get your balloons, party poppers and caterpillar cake ready as there'll be an opening party soon...

...and we've installed a zip line.

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Road to Nowhere

Category: Ambassadors

Sometimes along the journey there seem to be people who have managed to craft a talent or quality into their work that it becomes more than creative, more than just work. It becomes art. Tomas Hein is that kind of guy.

Rapanui ambasador Gordon the Gfon Fontaine and Tomas palled up for a trip up to Scotland recently, and what came back was film of such a high photographic quality it is, in our opinion, more than film: It's art. You might disagree. But then, that's the internet.

Check out his video, Road to Nowhere, featuring Gfon, majestic Scotland, some seriously good waves. Incredible.

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Job Opportunities

Category: Ambassadors

Eagle-eyed people in the Rapanui wolfpack may have spotted a not-so-little development on the blog recently, the Rapanui Factory project. It means amazing job opportunities.

The cool thing about the factory is that it allows ust to do loads of nifty stuff, experiments and designs to speed up our product development, improve service and make Rapanui bigger, better and more radical.

That also means awesome careers here on the Isle of Wight, where we surround ourselves with surf, sun and, unbeknown to much of the population, one of the world's finest collections of dinosaur fossil hunting opportunities. Eat that, Lyme Regis.

Anyway, as a result of the factory project, we're hiring. Rapanui is an exciting, fast-paced environment to work where a bunch of young people come in each morning seeking greatness.

"It's like being part of a revolution... man."

So says Charlie, a designer and photographer who's been with us working on an awesome project  to be released in a month or so.

It doesn't matter if you're fresh out of school and looking to an apprenticeship to fast-track into an awesome job, or a seasoned high-achiever looking to answer the 'what now' bug with a the devastatingly powerful project that will make your career. Rapanui has a simple philosophy: Drive, determination, professionalism, a burning ambition to become better and be part of something amazing: If you're hungry for the challenge of a lifetime, you'll love it.

We work hard, play hard and are a cliqueless place that expects everyone to be their best,and we make a point of having no glass ceilings: An apprentice who was applying for a cleaning job is now our FD (sorry Luke, you'll never escape that story). It's why we have an epic employee share options scheme. We might not pay London wages, but owning a part of a company that you helped build? Well, that's just damn cool.

(and financially very nice too)

If you're foaming at the mouth and smashing your mouse roller back into it's plastic housing at the thought of working here, become sustainability's sliced bread: Apply.


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7 favourite things

Category: Information

Welcome to our new weekly feature, where we'll be sharing the most awesome stories, videos and snaps that we've found in the last 7 days.

There's all sorts here - kick ass surfing and Carl Sagan, serious progress, sustainability and more. Get it down you!

1. Dillon Perillo's 'Empty Stint' is Unreal.

Photo:'Empty Stint', shot and edited by Jackson Winner

First up - this rad Dillon Perillo short. It's basically a video of Perillo ripping, narrated by Carl Sagan. What's not to love?


2. We Could All Drown.

Inspired by a piece I read on the Guardian earlier this week, I spent a lot of time checking out what the world would look like if the Ice Caps melted. Different, is the answer.


3. The UK Win(d).

Photo: Vattenfall Wind Power, Denmark

Did you know that the UK gets more electricity from offshore wind turbines than all other countries combined, and is set to triple its current capacity within six years? Good job, us.


4. Our New Collection.

We've had a great week for our new collection - big progress with designs and some banging new fabrics. Watch this space, it's going to be rad.


5. It's Cardboard, But It's Awesome.

Photo: Property of the Re-Ply

Cardboard is really strong. It's an amazing resource that could be taken out of the waste cycle and used - check  out this amazing chair by the Re-Ply. Cardboard is awesome.


6. Kovered = Kool.

Photo: kovered.co.uk

We discovered Kovered this week - a couple of cool guys based in Bath who make cool looking, nature-inspired tech accessories. We're still trying to trade them some of our rad T-Shirts for one of their iPhone cases. 


7. Shambles Representing in El Salvador.

Photos: Andrew Kilfeather & David Olsthoorn

We loved getting sent this image of Rapanui ambassador Shambles McGoldrick dropping the Rapanui Logo T-Shirt in El Salvador. Too cool.


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Devastation Bad / Driftwood Good

Category: Inside Rapanui

The army have been flown in to help with flood relief. People’s houses have literally been falling into the sea. It’s been that sort of weather on the Isle of Wight recently.

We’re always ones to look for the silver lining, though.  As well as a few decent waves out the front of the shop, we’ve been taking advantage of the amount of driftwood that’s been chucked onto the beach in the last couple of weeks. We’ve collected heaps of the stuff, and we promise you this: the new factory is going to look rad.

You can get your very own Rapanui Sweater or Hoodie right here. The driftwood you'll need to hit the beach for.

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Category: Inside Rapanui

New spot been working this week, decided to call it sandbags in honour of all this weather we’re getting on the Island.

On that subject, hope all of you wolfpack team riders, especially the mainland division, are doing ok and hopefully not caught up in the floods.

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Free Rapanui T-Shirt?

Category: Information

Christmas is done, it's time to relax, and to help you with that, we're giving away free t-shirts!

Starting today, all orders of over £50 will have included, completely free, one of our Rapanui Logo Tees.

Just one more way for us to say thank you to our wolfpack.


It couldn't be simpler to take advantage of this offer: any order we see in our system for more than £50 will automatically be upgraded to include an extra, completely free, Rapanui Logo T-Shirt. There's no code to enter, and no steps to follow. Easy!

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